Thursday, September 25, 2014

Meet Tom-Tom

This is Tom-Tom. He is my son and daughter-in-law's cat. Tom-Tom is roughly 1-year old and is a rescue cat. He's part Maine Coon, and I wish this photo could show you his actual size. He's already 14 lbs! 

At first when I arrived, Donna told me he was kind of skittish but she felt that he'd warm up to me after a while. He stayed on the stairs while he gradually stuck his head just between the bars to sniff me. Little did Donna know, that I have a way with animals. Within 3 minutes I was petting him. I was there 10 days and most of the time he was following me around. 

What a cool cat! He plays catch with his paws. Joey throws dry food in the air, Tom-Tom stands on his hind feet and catches the food (providing it was a good throw) between his two front paws, then eats the food with one hand just like a parrot. It's so cute to see him do that. 

I'm going to miss this big guy...
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