Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Taylor Lake

A group of us from one of my photography clubs went to John S Taylor Park in Largo, early this evening. This is a regular Thursday night meetup for macro and close-up practice. As you can see, this isn't exactly close-up.

This is beautiful Taylor Lake. It is a 53-acre lake and is just loaded with various aquatic birds. The two birds in silhouette in the foreground are American Coots (Fulica americana). Coots are in the Rail family.

John S Taylor park is 156.5 acres. "Amenities include:
  • ball field
  • boat ramp
  • disc golf
  • fishing
  • multi-purpose trail
  • parking
  • picnic area
  • playground equipment
  • restrooms
  • seven picnic shelters & grills

Who was John S. Taylor?

Development of this park began in 1958.

This park was named in honor of John S. Taylor. A staunch supporter of Pinellas County’s independence from Hillsborough, Mr. Taylor ironically served as a Hillsborough County State Representative from 1905 until defeated in 1910 for his stand on creating a separate Pinellas. As a lobbyist attending the 1911 session of the legislature, he successfully assisted the effort for Pinellas independence in 1912. Mr. Taylor also served as a State Senator, Mayor of Largo, President of the Florida Citrus Exchange and as a Member of the State Citrus Commission. Not only was he one of the county’s landowners of vast acreage, he owned one of the most successful citrus growing and packing businesses in Florida." -
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