Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I know it's been more than a week since I've posted anything new, but I've been busy shooting and editing.

This photo was made at Gatorland in Orlando last Saturday. I got really lucky on this shot. These birds are constantly on the move, so it took a lot of patience just to get him to cooperate long enough for me to capture him.

Gatorland is a place I hadn't visited in years, but I'm glad I did this time. It's amazing how much can change over time. We spent a lot of time in the marsh checking out all the roosting birds and of course, the gators. We opted for the photographers tour, which for an extra $7, we were allowed to stay after hours and had a park guide show us the best spots to photograph the gators and the birds. He even fed the gators while we shot photos. I came away with many keepers, some of which I could never have gotten on my own, since it's against the law to feed Alligators in Florida.

While all the editing is very time consuming, I'm happy with the amount of "keepers". It was definitely a trip worth taking.

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