Saturday, May 10, 2008

Frank and his Red-Neck Spatula

My friends from my photo group (Florida State Photography Meetup Group) went on a picnic today to say goodbye to Frank (pictured) and Bill for a little while.

(Frank comes to Florida from upstate NY and stays 8 months then goes back to NY, and Bill just bought property in Mexico, and will be gone 2 months or so.)

As usual, being human, we all forgot some key essentials, like a cooler, ice, condiments and a spatula. We couldn't figure out what to do to turn the chicken and burgers, so Frank came up with an idea to use the Styrofoam plate that the burgers came in. He had to be quick so it didn't catch on fire, but it worked.

We had a lot of fun with that. Since we're in the south, (Florida) I dubbed it a red-neck spatula.

Oh yes, by the way, we had a great time; as usual when we're all together. We didn't take many photos, but still had a great time.

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