Friday, May 9, 2008

Tricolored Heron

This Tricolored Heron was created on my trip to Gatorland last Saturday. She was perched on her nest. I like the beautiful blue on her lores (the area from her eyes to her beak).

I also like the way her crest stands out and that alarmed look on her face. Her chicks were below screaming for her attention. If you've never watched chicks when they're hungry, you'd know how mean they are to their mothers. It's a wonder they stay and taken care of their young. All they do is peck at her (really hard) and pull at her for something to eat. The mother just sits patiently, ignoring them. A few minutes after this shot, she flew away to get them some food. It was amazing how fast they shut up as soon as she left. They're just like our babies who shut up the minute we pick them up.

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