Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Red Passionflower

Red Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata)

I feel after 5 days of black and white photos it is time for some color; and color is what this image is all about.

It was nearly dark when I was leaving Abercrombie Park in St Petersburg, when I spotted this bright red flower in the middle of these ferns under a tree. I've never seen one before and was quite surprised to find it here in the shade. There were only 2 that I could see and this one was the most accessible.

After much research on the internet and in my nature books, I finally found out the name of the flower. It is a Red Passionflower. I've seen the lavender-colored Passionflower all over Florida, but this one was quite a surprise. It grows on a vine just like its sister Passionflowers. I think the ferns were hiding the others.

If I could have a garden here, this would certainly be something I'd plant in it. One of the sites I saw said they can be grown in pots; but I already have 2 birds to take care of and I'm afraid the plant would soon be neglected.
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