Monday, September 8, 2008

Sensitive Brier Plant with Honey Bee

This Sensitive Brier plant is got its name because when its leaves are touched, they close up.

This was shot during one of my meetups with the Florida State Photography Meetup Group. We went on a Photography Hike at the Weedon Island Nature Preserve. The hike consisted of a photography talk given by Dave, one of the biologists at the preserve. He went over various tips and techniques and then we went on a short hike through one of the trails.

Almost everyone is familiar with the commonly kept potted plant called Sensitive Brier (Schrankia uncinata) or Touch-Me-Not, which closes its leaves when touched. It is a type of shrub that is not very cold-hardy and so doesn't grow wild in most of this country. We do have an equivalent plant called the sensitive brier (Schrankia uncinata), since its habit is to sprawl along the ground like other prickly vines and briers. Just like the sensitive plant, this brier has small pink/magenta puffy flowers and touch-responsive leaves. It also has small thorns, and so it has another line of defense against anything brushing against it. For more information about this pretty little flower click here.

I am fascinated by this pretty little flower, about the size of a quarter in diameter because I like its color and texture.
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