Friday, August 29, 2008

Gulf Fritillary

Yesterday, I was at a camera store talking with one of the sales people and he mentioned the difference of using a regular UV filter vs. a digital UV filter on the front of my lens.

After some experimenting and actually seeing for myself how the light was refracted on the regular UV filters, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the difference between the two.

When I left the camera store, I went to my favorite spot to shoot butterflies in Safety Harbor to prove it to myself. I had only 1 digital UV filter on my wide-angle lens and I switched it to my 75-300mm zoom to shoot the above photo. Prior to exchanging the filter, I was in the habit of not using this lens at its full zoom because it wasn't the sharpest lens. I was always wishing I could afford better lenses. What a difference in sharpness. It's like light and day.

The above photo (on the bottom) was taken hand-held in the wind with the digital UV filter on this lens, while the photo on the top was taken with a regular UV filter on my lens under the same conditions.

Even an untrained eye can readily see the difference.

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