Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blackberry Lily

I was wondering what I was going to post tonight, since it's been so cold I haven't been shooting, when my screen saver came up and I saw this one.

This Blackberry Lily, which I mistook for some kind of Orchid is one of the only flowers other than the Sweet William that's still standing after this cold spell in the Butterfly garden at the Safety Harbor Marina.

I didn't this it was a lily because it is so small. It's only about 3" across from tip to tip. For a lily that's pretty small. I found one in my wildflower book while looking for another flower and I'm glad I did. I wasn't even aware that these are native flowers and grow wild.

I guess we learn more than photography whenever we shoot nature. I'm one of those curious souls that has to know everything about anything I capture with my camera. I've had an insatiable curiosity ever since I was a kid. It drives me crazy when I can't identify a plant or a bug or whatever. I'll keep digging and digging until I can come up with an answer.

Settings used for this image were ISO 200 at 250mm in Aperture Priority at F5.6 and 1/60th.
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