Monday, January 4, 2010

Mallard Drake

Nothing spectacular tonight; just this Mallard Drake swimming in the lake in my back yard.

Every year we get Mottled Ducks, but this year when they came back they brought along a few Mallards with them. This one is a young Drake. His head still isn't fully green, it's more of a dark green/black if that's such a color. He was one of about 10 swimming around today. In the past years, we've only had 2 pair that would come, nest, fledge their young and leave, only to return later and do the whole thing again. This is the first time I've seen these Mallards here and their quite welcome. It's nice to be able to photograph a few different birds when it's too cold to go out shooting anywhere else.

I just can believe how cold it is in Florida. Usually in January, we'll see a few days get into the 60's and maybe a night or two in the low 50's or upper 40's. This has been a rough 3 weeks! We're expecting more cold weather over the next week. I wish it would go back up north where it belongs.
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