Friday, January 1, 2010

Fountain Detail in Safety Harbor, FL

I've posted several shots from this fountain while the water was running and nighttime shots a while back in this blog, but never any detailed shots.

This fountain is located at the entrance to the Safety Harbor Marina on Bayshore Boulevard in Safety Harbor and the sculpture is one of the best I've seen. This is only one of the avian sculptures in the fountain. It is most likely a Great Blue Heron. I'm judging that by the feathers at the back of his head.

The shape of the bird is similar to the Great Egret, but the Great Egret has no feathers at the back of their heads. The detail is phenomenal and it's one of my favorites of all the fountains I've seen.

Of all the various subject matter that I photograph for personal leisure, fountains and bridges are probably my favorite with birds running a close second. This combines both.

Settings used for this image are as follows: ISO 200, 1/400 at F4.0 on a sunny afternoon, just prior to sunset. I added 1 2/3 exposure compensation because it is backlit by the sky in the background and I wanted to preserve the detail. I used aperture priority and partial metering off the bird, and my focal length was 60mm with my 55mm-250mm zoom lens.
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