Monday, February 9, 2009

Florida State Fair

We went to the Florida State Fair last night for another Meetup with my Photography Group.

It was pretty warm when I got there, so I left my tripod and jacket in my car that was parked really far away from the entrance thinking I'd go back for it later. During the day it was too crowded to get many photos of the rides, so we waited until after sunset.

It began to get cold, and dark and I didn't feel like walking way back to the car, so I told my friend Dave that I'd just make a couple of shots of the rides and leave. Well, a couple turned into a lot!

This shot is one of my favorites, since I shot it handheld and without a tripod. Most of the shots I took weren't bad at all. I was surprised to see how well I as able to do with my fast F2.8 Tamron 35-105mm lens.

I'll be posting more once they're edited.
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