Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Readying the Big Guns

Sunday my photo group had another meetup to attend the reenactment of the Battle of Ballast Point at Ft Desoto in Tierra Verde, FL.

While I shot the entire series in color, I was thinking that they didn't have color film during the Civil War, so it would probably be best to reproduce the series in sepia tone. I am posting both the color version and the sepia version for comparison.

That's the beauty of shooting in RAW mode and using Lightroom for post-processing. I have the ability to change things on the fly while keeping the original untouched.

Here is the color version; which do you prefer?

The Battle of Ballast Point was not one of the "popular" battles to study, so here is a little background information on the battle.

"The Battle of Ballast Point took place in Tampa, Florida on October 18, 1863. A Union raiding party, landed at the current intersection of Gandy Boulevard and Bayshore Boulevard, under the protracted diversionary bombardment of the city of Tampa and Fort Brooke by two ships, one the Tahoma" and the other, to be named. The Union divisions marched up the Hillsborough River to what is now Lowry Park and burned two notorious blockade running ships, the Scottish Chieftain, and the Kate Dale, owned by the future mayor of Tampa, James McKay. Escaping capture by mere minutes, with members of his crew in tow, James McKay sped to the city of Tampa and warned all of the landing party and the fate of his ships.

After burning the ships, the Confederate forces were alerted to the raiding party's location, and commenced pursuit. A confederate cavalry unit (Oklawaha Rangers) caught up with the Union raiders, finally and a full engagement ensued. The union soldiers came under direct fire as they boarded their dinghies, in a tactical retreat.

Lives were lost. Prisoners captured on both sides."

- from Wikepedia

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