Saturday, February 28, 2009

Footbridge Lake Seminole Park

It is rare that I get a decent landscape worth posting; but more than one in the same place is unheard of for me. Landscapes are not my strong point. I really have to work at them.

I posted one yesterday and this one today. Both were taken the same day in Lake Seminole Park. It must be the beautiful sky and the combination of good light and of course, it was the scenery that made the image possible at all.

This footbridge spans over a stream that feeds two sections of Lake Seminole. The brook is loaded--and I mean loaded--with blue crab. At any given day, one can always spot the birds fishing for crab in the shallow waters of this stream. On this day, an elderly lady tied a half of chicken on the end of a string and flung it into the water. She pulled out crab after crab until an American Alligator chased her away. She said she got plenty for supper, so she didn't mind getting chased away. I guess the 'gator wasn't in the mood for sharing.
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