Sunday, May 2, 2010

Letters in Nature Project

First of all, I want all my readers to know that these are not my photos.

These were taken by my grandchildren, ages 7 (the twins) and 9 (the triplets). We took a walk into the woods on their property for a photo project that I sometimes have my students do as an assignment in learning to "see".

They all took turns using my point-n-shoot camera and I told them they have to find letters of the alphabet in nature. One of the rules were that nothing could be changed. They couldn't add, move or remove anything. These are a few of the photos they took in less than an hour.

We covered most of the alphabet. When one of them spotted a letter, they got to take the shot. This is a great exercise to improve your own eye. It's actually easier than it looks, and hey, if 7 and 9-yr. olds can do it, so can you!

Other than slight cropping to make the letter more obvious, these are straight out of the camera. These kids did a great job; don't you think?

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