Thursday, May 6, 2010

More From NY

Since my foot isn't really getting any better, the doctor now has a soft cast on it along with the Cam Boot. This is really limiting my ability to get out there and shoot. So, until I'm able to get around better, I'm going to have to post some of my older stuff.

While I was in NY, I got up early one morning before the kids got up so I could have some time to shoot alone. I walked up and down the road looking for whatever caught my attention and lo and behold, I came upon this cute little scene in my son-in-law's neighbor's side yard.

For whatever reason, it reminds me of olden days on a farm. I'm sure the bench is just decorative; at least it doesn't look like it would hold much weight--and I love the old milk can with the Daffodils in back of it.

So, what are your impressions of this little scene?
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