Thursday, June 24, 2010

Webhannet Falls

These are the Webhannet Falls in Wells, Maine.

Webhannet Falls is on the site of the first settlement of Wells, Maine, It honors Edmund Littlefield, who erected his saw and grist mill at this site in 1640-1641, thus being the first settler of Wells. This little park and the falls are just off Rt 1.

You might notice that the water is sort of coffee colored. I believe that's because of the iron content in the area. It's too bad that tree has fallen obscuring part of the falls. I tried and tried at different angles to find a better spot but unfortunately this is the only possible angle to shoot this.

This little "park" is so small, all of it would fit in my backyard. Officially though, it's a dedicated park, so who am I to question it?
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