Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Nott House

Once we got to Kennebunkport, we parked the car and explored the downtown area, namely Maine Street. Yes, Maine Street is spelled correctly with an e.

This Greek Revival architectural beauty known as The Nott House, was built in 1853 and former home of the Perkins family is now a Kennebunkport Historical Society show place.

It has all the original furnishings inside; paintings, furniture, books, etc. The Nott House is located on 8 Maine St in Kennebunkport. This house accurately reflects the varying and evolving tastes of four generations of the Perkins and Nott families spanning the late 1700s through to the middle 1900s. The Nott House may be the only house in America to have this distinction. Guided tours are available from July through October.
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