Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rear Entrance Walkway

This is the rear or beach entrance to The Don Cesar Hotel. I like the pink and white striped awnings. It sort of gives me the feeling of being in Paris for some strange reason.

In this area, we have 2 5* hotels; The Don Cesar and The Vinoy. Both were built during the same era. Both are extremely ornate and beautiful on the outside. Both are pink. During our hotel tour meetup, we have come to the conclusion that The Don has it all over the Vinoy.

At The Don, I was particularly impressed with the fresh, exotic flowers in all the hallways and entrances, the beautiful gardens in the back and, of course, the beach. The tanning beds on the beach give me the feeling of luxury beyond any of the other luxurious amenities offered by both hotels.

The atmosphere at The Don is exactly what you'd see in the movies. It's truly a very special hotel. If I were to stay there, I don't think I'd leave it during the entire vacation. There isn't anything better than this.
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