Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Causeway Memorial Bridge 2

For some reason, I happen to be attracted to bridges. That's strange since I'm afraid of heights and water, you'd think I wouldn't go near them. Of course, my photos are usually made under them.

I like this second version of this bridge. It seems this is the first time I've ever had a successful shot when looking at a bridge from directly under it. It could be the wide-angle shot, I'm not sure why.

If they hadn't built that pier right next to the bridge I'd have never started to look for different angles. I'd have kept on making the same photos in different light. How boring! It could be that I just need to be challenged.

The settings used to make this shot are exactly the same as the photo I posted last night. The only difference is the time. This one was made at 9:38 pm; about an hour later. In case you missed them, these are the settings: shot in aperture priority mode for 1/4 sec at F7.1 using ISO 200 to minimize noise, with partial metering off the bridge at what looked like about 18% gray about 1/3 into the shot to maximize depth of field with my Canon 20D and an 18-55mm lens at 27mm.
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