Friday, December 30, 2011


I thought you'd all like a little change in pace by now with all the Christmas lights. Actually, this is still a photo of Christmas lights--just in abstract form.

I made it by either zooming out or zooming in on a Christmas tree made of lights. With a little imagination, you can still see the tree. The lights coming in on the top and the right are lights on another tree.

The problem with these kind of images is they can't be duplicated no matter how much you try. It's also a plus for the same reason. I like the colors in this one and the form it took on. It even provided it's own framing.

It's a lot of fun playing around with long exposures and a zoom lens. It's something anyone can do with nearly every camera on the market today. Even some phone cameras will zoom. You just have to have the ability to be able to set the shutter speed for a slow enough exposure. I think this one was 1.6 seconds, which isn't that slow, but slow enough to allow me to zoom the length of the lens.

For all my photographer friends and followers out there, I used a 38-105 Tamron F2.8 lens on my Canon 40D, with ISO set at 400, shutter speed 1.6 seconds at F25. The camera was set on Manual with partial metering and no flash.

Don't forget to click on it to see it larger.
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