Monday, December 12, 2011

Season's Greetings

This is one shot you'll have to click on to make it bigger so you can see the beautiful Bougainvilla blossoms behind and above the arbor. It's hard to make a scene seem wintery with Palm trees and flowers in December. The lights have to do it all alone.

The tower behind this arbor in the park is the Renaissance Vinoy Hotel. This is one of the most beautiful 5 star hotels in our area. Some rooms go for $2500 per night; but most rooms cost $395 per night.

The Vinoy was built in 1925 and was where the rich and famous spent their winters. In 1973, it closed in very poor condition. In 1990, work began to re-open the hotel. The work would cost $90,000,000 before it was re-opened in 1992.
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