Friday, December 16, 2011

Zooming Around

Just thought you'd all like a little change in pace from the last few posts. This is still Christmas lights, though. :)

Last night, a couple friends and I went to the Christmas light display at the Florida Botanical Gardens. Their display is the second best Christmas light displays I've ever seen in my life. My first favorite was in Forest Park in Springfield, MA with my son and daughter-in-law.

There were so many lights. I think they said over 4 million. Can you just imagine! They had different stations with different themes all along the park. It's a little strange though, especially when you're from New England to see people walking around in shorts and T-shirts with flowers all in bloom among the Christmas lights.

This photo was made by pointing my camera at a lot of various colored lights, setting a long exposure and zooming my lens during the exposure. My friends and I were all experimenting with this technique. We each did several shots like this and this is my favorite of them all.

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