Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bank of America, Syracuse, NY

This one was another drive by shooting. My grandson was driving about 65mph on I-81 through Syracuse, NY when I shot this past his face, through his open window. I was very lucky to capture this as sharp as I got it.

Syracuse is a very old city with some fabulous architecture. This shot never would have been possible from the crowed, narrow streets down below. By shooting from the highway, I was able to avoid keystoning due to the high vantage point (from a bridge).

The vibrance was boosted a bit with Lightroom 2.3, as well as the clarity in order to get the saturated colors. It was overcast, and blah, flat lighting. It was shot using ISO200, F5.6, 1/250th at 150mm. I normally choose F8 or more for architecture, but didn't really have time to change settings. The fast shutter speed is what allowed me to get this as sharp as it turned out.
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