Saturday, June 27, 2009

Plant Hall, UT Interior

Plant Hall at the University of Tampa is one of the most beautiful places in the area.

It was originally the Tampa Hotel, built in the late 19th century during the Gilded Age by Henry B Plant, a railroad magnate for over $3,000,000. The hotel had more than 500 rooms and was 5 stories high. It was frequented by the late President Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders, Babe Ruth, Sarah, Bernhart, President Ulysses S Grant, the Prince of Wales, the Queen of England and a host of other celebrities of the day. This hotel was luxurious and a resort in itself. The rooms had their own baths, expensive furnishings, electricity and even telephones. It would be a 5* rated hotel today.

For a short time, Plant Hall was also the Hillsborough High School, then eventually became the University of Tampa's main administration building. It is an historic symbol of the city of Tampa.

This view is on the main floor where it has facing entrances on the East and West side.

This shot was made during the Wednesday night's Meetup with Jim Sykes.
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