Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Salmon River Falls

While in NY I decided to take my grandson to the Salmon River Falls in Altmar, NY on CR-22. These falls are awesome. They drop into a gorge 110 ft. below.

This photo only shows 1 section of the falls. There are 2 other sets of falls to the left of this one. I don't get to see falls in Florida, so this is also a great treat for me. The last time I was there was in 2001 and all I had was a 2 mp digital camera. I wanted to see how they'd look with better equipment.

I must've chose the right time of year because they were really running fast. In 2001, I went in the Spring and there was only a thin ribbon of water dropping. The other 2 falls were hardly flowing.

These falls have a narrow trail leading up to them with only a small guide wire for fencing. Unfortunately, this has been the site of many teens committing suicide. It prompted the State of NY to close the falls for a long time.

As I look around the top of the falls, there's only small puddles of water on the rocks not more than 2 ft. deep--if that. The pool at the bottom is probably only about 3 ft. deep. I can't imagine where all that water comes from.

I'd love to go there in the Fall some time and see the colorful foliage. One of these days I'll remember to plan my trip for the foliage. I usually only go to NY in the Winter to see the snow and the Summer.

In order to get the falls so smooth I shot in Shutter Priority mode at 1/15 sec and F20 gave me really nice depth of field. I used my 18-55mm lens at 53mm, ISO 400 because of the low light. Exposure compensation was set at Ev +2/3 stop to keep the water white, and I used partial metering.
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