Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Barn in Scranton, Pa

First, I must apologize if my blogs are a bit behind during my vacation. At present, I'm on a whirlwind driving tour. I only have a week off, so I'm driving from Florida to Oswego, NY on Lake Ontario, then on to Vernon, CT and back to St Petersburg, FL.

I spotted this barn while my grandson was driving through Scranton, PA. I had been sleeping and I spotted this just as I woke up. I had to shoot it! The only lens on my camera was my 55-250mm and I shot this from the other side of the highway.

I love to shoot barns, but since I live in the city, about the only chance I get to shoot them is when I'm traveling. That's one of the reasons I love to travel by car. Usually I'm alone and I was lucky enough to have my grandson on this trip with me. He'll be staying in NY for a while, so I'll be driving home alone. I'll sure miss the luxury of having an extra driver.

Because of the travel, my internet connectivity will be somewhat spotty at times. I'll be blogging daily after I get home.
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