Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blue Dasher Dragonfly

I found this guy flitting around on the leaves of my Amaryllis flowers. I love their cute, little faces and have always had a fascination with dragonflies. This one is a male Blue Dasher.

He sits there, not seeming to mind me making his photo. I keep watching his little head turn to look at me every few seconds, but he doesn't seem afraid.

Do you ever wonder where all the "monsters" come from in the horror movies of yesterday? I've been photographing bugs for about 10 years now, and, as you can see, I get up close and personal with them. After photographing different bugs for so long, I began to remember how the monsters looked in the movies I used to watch and kept thinking, where in the world do these guys get their ideas. I've finally figured it out. They take closeup and/or macro photos of different kinds of bugs, and use their faces and other features to create their monsters. Just check out some monster movies and see if I'm right.
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