Friday, July 3, 2009

Church Overlooking Oswego, NY

I took this photo from the City of Oswego Library through the second floor window. The name of this church escapes me, but for this image, it isn't important.

I love the way it seems to be overlooking the city--sort of like it's taking care of it. The old architecture is also beautiful. In the Winter, when all the trees are bare, it's a lot easier to see the design, but this is the first time I photographed it in the Summer and I like the way it looks with the trees and only the tops of the houses showing.

Beautiful Lake Ontario sits just behind the church, where one can easily see the Oswego West Pierhead Lighthouse. I love the City of Oswego, just not in the Winter. It is hilly, cold, slippery and with the narrow streets, it's hard to get around. Because it's so close to the lake, it gets lake effect snow 9 months of the year and it's not unusual to see more than 5 ft. of snow on the ground from January through April. It also snows everyday. The city is very good about keeping the streets free of snow and ice with their sand trucks and plows going out on the first sign of snow.
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