Monday, November 9, 2009

Common Primrose Willow & Honey Bee

While on one of my teaching meetups, I spotted this Honey Bee working so hard to get at the pollen in this Common Primrose Willow. He seemed to be trying out for yoga competition with all the positions he was getting into. This one has him in an upside down position, laying on his shoulders. It was fun watching him work so hard to get at that little bit of pollen.

For some reason, I really like these wild flowers. Maybe because of their bright yellow color; just like a ray of sunshine.

Settings used for this shot, 1/400 at F7.1, aperture priority, partial metering on the flower, ISO 400 and 55-250mm lens at 250. It was pretty windy, so I upped the ISO to give me a higher shutter speed to stop any action that might have occurred with the wind. The image was slightly cropped for composition in Lightroom.
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