Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Most people in Florida don't like these birds because of their ear-piercing wales all night long. They can be heard all over the neighborhood.

For some reason, I really like them. I don't mind their calls at night. I've learned to ignore them. My ex-roommate, on the other hand, couldn't stand them and would always come out and chase them away. A couple of them chose our trees for a roosting place.

Limpkins feed nearly exclusively on Apple Snails and prefer fresh water. When their nesting, their nesting places are easy to find because of their habit of storing Apple Snails. They pile them up in a pyramid to feed their young and themselves.

Limpkins are fairly large birds. They stand a little more than 2 feet tall and have long legs for wading.

To see more detail, just click on the photo for a larger version.
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