Sunday, June 12, 2011

More From Creamery Brook Bison Farm

Lucky for me that I thought to bring my trusty long lens. I haven't used that lens in ages because it doesn't have IS (image stabilization). All I can say is, "Good thing I thought to bring it".

The first image is cropped and I wish I could've got more of his nose and mouth in the picture, but he was too far away and in the dark shade. I had to open up my lens by a stop and a half to get this shot.

The next Bison was way out in the field, but this shot is not cropped. I wanted to show the distance and the landscape of the farm.

The horse was in the enclosure next to the first Bison. Since I don't know much about horses (I'm a city girl), I won't even try to make a guess as to what his breed is. I think the markings on his face are really interesting, though.

I took a few more photos of the Bison, but most were the same--far away and most didn't show their faces. They were grazing.

If you want to see more detail in these photos, just click on them to make them bigger in another window.

I hope you've enjoyed my trip to the Bison Farm through my pictures.
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