Friday, January 27, 2012

Landscaping Around the Salvatore Dali Museum

Since Florida has no rocks, we need to either make our own or have rock shipped in. The man made rocks incorporated into the landscaping at the Dali are man made.

This fern type of foliage was growing on the side of this rock. I have no idea what it is, but I think it's kind of pretty. If any of you readers can identify it, I'd surely appreciate it. Just leave a comment about it.

The second shot shows a larger image of one of the man made rocks with the foliage growing out of it. This is an interesting concept and a pleasant addition to the overall landscape.

This last photo is a wide shot of the patio and Palm tree lined walkway out to the Marina and to Tampa Bay. It's just nice to walk around on the patio and take in all the beauty we are so lucky to have here, in St Petersburg, FL.

If you're wondering why three photos today, it's because I neglected to post anything the last two days. I'm trying really hard to stick to my New Year's resolution to post a Photo a Day. The first month is nearly over.
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