Saturday, April 11, 2009

Channelside Street Car Station

Oftentimes when we go out to shoot, we are limiting ourselves to only one subject. Today, my group and I went on a trolley tour of Tampa. We did this last month and had so much fun we decided to make it a monthly meetup. We start at a different station and take a different route each time we do this and challenge ourselves to make as many different kind of images possible.

Our first stop today was the Channelside district. The trolley station is in the mid ground with the Marriot Hotel in the background. That's two members of my group in the foreground taking photos of the Embassy Suites Hotel. As you can see, Mother Nature cooperated and gave us some nice clouds and it was a nice day; not too hot.

As we got further into the shoot, one person would make a shot and then everyone would try to one-up him on his shot, but by shooting the same thing. It's challenging, educational and fun. I'll probably be posting more of these shots throughout the week.
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