Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tampa Convention Center Detail

This is another photo I took while on the Tampa Trolley Tour meetup with my friends. I've stated this before, but I've been experimenting with trying to get a bit more artistic and less photo journalistic with my photography.

Normally, I probably would never have shot or even seen this shot. My training is as a photo journalist, so I see everything as a realist. I've been shooting documentary or journalistic things for so many years that it's almost been an automatic thing. What I'm trying to say is I've been a "walk-up" shooter. Walking up to something that interested me taken my shot, and walked away.

Now, I'm trying to take my photography in an entirely new direction. I'm looking for more artistic shots, or detail shots. I'm also taking my time and walking around the shot looking for more angles and other ways to "see" whatever I'm photographing. It's been a learning experience and I'll have to admit, quite a challenge. I no longer work for the newspaper, so why am I shooting like I still do. I'm semi-retired, now is the time to walk around and "smell the roses", if you will. So, tell me, is it working?
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