Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Crystal

While on my trolley tour meetup in Tampa a couple weeks ago, I spotted this crystal in a florist's window. There were flowers behind it and I originally thought a flower caught in one of the facets of the crystal would make a very pretty composition.

I tried and tried and made quite a few with the flowers in the facets, but because the flowers were white (I think, anyway), they just didn't come off as I had envisioned. There was also the problem with reflections in the glass and I didn't have a polarizer with me. (Shame on me.)

I like the colors in this one, and like it even though it's not what I envisioned. Sometimes, we just have to create something else and be satisfied. I think the next time I go back there, I'm going to give it another go. Hopefully, the florist will be open and I'll be able to get inside and not have to worry about a polarizer. Of course, I've learned my lesson; I will have my polarizer with me this time.

What was that old Boy Scout motto? "Be prepared"; that could work for us all.
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