Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friday Wedding

My friend and I shot a wedding last Friday evening and the worst thing that could happen happened to me.

The wedding was a very emotional one. During the vows, the groom totally lost it. He was sobbing and crying and everyone else in the church was also in tears. Well, being the photographer that I am, I just had to capture the emotion, so I rushed behind the altar where the choir sits and missed a stair. The mics were all on and all everyone in the church could hear was boom, bang, crash as I hit the floor with cameras flying everywhere. All of a sudden, the whole church, including the officiant, the groom and the bride, just cracked up laughing. I have never been so embarrassed!

Later during the reception the bride's mother actually thanked me saying it was the comic relief everyone needed, since the wedding was so somber. Leave it to me...

I did capture the emotion and I'll post the photo once I'm done editing all the photos. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this portrait of the beautiful bride.

In my opinion, no two people were more meant to be together than this couple.
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