Sunday, April 26, 2009

Szandra 2

Since I'm still working on the wedding edits from last week and I've been shooting or attending class this week, I'm going back through my files for tonight's blog.

This is another shot of Szandra. I posted one about 2 weeks ago from this same shoot. Szandra is a model from Hungary. She's in the states going to school.

As a model, she's very easy to work with. This is my first time with her and I only took a few shots. The shoot kept moving further and further from the equipment and I was getting a bit nervous leaving my equipment laying on the beach. I chose to "babysit" so the others could shoot, especially since I was satisfied with the shots I already took.

Last night, I shot a Quinceanera last night with one of my former group members. It went very well and the ceremony/celebration was beautiful. The best part of the deal is that as a second shooter, Jose has to do all the editing. What a deal! He says he'll send me some pix so I can post them.
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