Sunday, April 5, 2009

Flagg Coal Co. #75

Last month when I was at the Florida Railroad Museum with my group, we got to ride on 2 trains. We also were treated to a "drive by" where the 2 trains cross each other on the tracks.

This is the first steam train we road on. You can see the open car. That's used so we can sight see while riding.

The Florida Railroad Museum is quite unique in that the museum is not contained in a building. The museum IS the trains. They are all running and part of the fun is being able to ride the trains.

Normally, the trains go up and down a 6 mile track; but when they use the steam trains, they cut the trip to 2 1/2 miles due to the expense. However, they use 2 different steam trains and they let us off along the way to take photographs of the trains. At the end of the tour, we can look in the engine compartment and the engineers and conductor are all around to answer questions and to show anything we're curious about.

This particular event was part of the museum's "A Month of Steam" promotion. The tour was strictly for photographers and we were allowed all the time we wanted to take all the photos we wanted. For $16.95, it wasn't a bad deal.
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