Saturday, April 18, 2009

Osprey in Flight

There is something about a bird in flight that I can't ignore no matter how hard I try. I especially like to photograph Osprey.

Osprey are fascinating birds to me because of all the Birds of Prey, the Osprey is the only one that eats a diet of fish only. It's amazing to see them glide way up high above the water while looking for their next meal. All of sudden, they'll hover for a few seconds, then dive so fast they're hard to track--even with our eyes, then slam into the water and come up just as quickly with their catch. They also will turn the fish around head first so there is less drag and it makes it easier to fly. It's such an amazing site.

I've also watched them on the nest. The male brings the first fish back to the female who feeds it to her clutch, or if they haven't hatched yet, she'll eat it herself. Then the male goes back to get a fish for himself to eat. He'll usually sit on a perch about level or slightly above the nest on a nearby tree so (I assume) he can watch his family. Imagine, with humans it's also the male who primarily makes the money to buy the food for his family as well. I wonder who started that. Was it the birds, the animal kingdom or humans? It seems we all do the same thing.

That should keep you wondering until tomorrow night.
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